PEG artists are represented across major online and physical retail spaces including Amazon, Hot Topic, Spencers and more. As a management-first company, we help our clients navigate the complex retail landscape, negotiating the best licensing and distribution deals in the marketplace. PEG also provides merch development and fulfillment services worldwide, with dedicated staff and warehouse space located at our Los Angeles headquarters. We are proud to secure our clients industry-best pricing models, licensing fees and distribution deals.

PEG also operates a permanent storefront and buyer showroom. Visit PEG the Store, 453 Colyton Street in the Los Angeles Arts District. Open Tuesday-Saturday, with regular scheduled and surprise visits from PEG artists. We host frequent album launches and industry events there.

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Below are a few items for purchase directly through PEG. Please visit individual artist websites for their products, and  look for them on eCommerce platforms across the web. PEG artists are also represented in Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts stores in malls throughout the United States.